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Traditional group joining forces of the greatest minds of all important countries of The World, with a tradition of 55 years already, lots of acclaimed titles in its history...

Nothing from that is Astra9~

Astra9 is a group of three people, created in 2008 and from then on fighting mainly with its laziness. It tries to produce visual novels, games in the style of classic Japanese text "dating sims", enriched by a bit of graphics, now and furthermore.

Astra9 has currently (still) 3 main members. These are:

Nya-chan Production
Writes scripts, programs, gets music, alters graphics (interface mainly) and kicks other members in their bums.

Thinks of new scripts and helps with realisation. Most of the ideas are from his head.

Graphic, mainly character one. He occasionally makes something, after being reminded thirty times.

Our aim is to get out games that will provide some fun to you, but on the other hand, you should sometimes think about something deeper as well.
And we hope we won't disappoint you.

Your Astra9


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