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A story of identities and friendship

Identityless is the next project of Astra9. Identityless is only the workname for now and we can tell only a few things about the game itself:

This visual novel will take place mainly in the school, unlike 'autumn'.

It should by of much more philosophical kind.

This time we'll also meet our main thinker and creator Kota, who will be rightly supplied and censored by Nya-chan Production.

The graphics will be made by Deji again, this time more hevaily altered, though.

And the soundtrack will be simple piano again, most probably the great music of Kevin MacLeod for the second time.

Right now we are working on the project in all its fields and you can trust us that we will spend tons of time over it to bring you another great story!

If you want to ask something, you are more than welcomed to visit Astra9 forums.


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